Revamp Your Electrical Panel Now

Revamp Your Electrical Panel Now

Modernize your home by getting an electrical panel upgrade in Katy, TX by calling B&L Electric

Having trouble with the circuitry in your home? Call B&L Electric about a panel upgrade. You'll see instant improvement in the way electricity moves throughout your house.

Our panel upgrades:

  • Take less than a day to complete
  • Come with a one-year labor warranty
  • Make your home more efficient

Call 832-630-4509 now to request a panel upgrade in Katy, TX.

Upgrade your circuit breaker panel to restore reliable power

When you're ready to upgrade your circuit breaker panel, reach out to the experts. We'll replace your outdated panel with state-of-the-art technology. Older houses might have breakers that have been discontinued. Other breakers just aren't efficient anymore.

Replace them with breakers that can accomplish everything you need from them. It isn't just a question of saving money on your electricity bills. Making sure your breakers are up-to-date protects your family from potential dangers associated with faulty wiring and outdated electrical panels.

Contact us now so we can upgrade your circuit breaker panel in Katy, TX.