Keep Your House Safe From Fire Hazards

Keep Your House Safe From Fire Hazards

Put an end to home power surges in Katy, TX

Are your lights flickering? Do you see electrical sparks after plugging in a device? Does your circuit breaker trip frequently? If so, you may be experiencing home power surges. The experienced team at B&L Electric recommends getting the problem looked at right away, since electrical issues such as these can lead to house fires.

As soon as you see electrical sparks, contact us to set up troubleshooting services in Katy, TX or surrounding areas.

Find out what’s causing your power surges

You’ve heard that lightning can cause home power surges, but your electrical issues happen all the time. So, what’s causing the sudden increase in power?

The highly trained team at B&L Electric knows that many things can lead to home power surges, including:

  • Faulty wiring
  • High demand on your electrical system
  • Grid power outages

Call now to schedule troubleshooting and find out what’s causing your home power surges in the Katy, TX area. We’ll respond quickly to make your electrical troubles a thing of the past.