Get the Power That Your Family Needs

Get the Power That Your Family Needs

Speak with a qualified electrician in Katy, TX

You use electricity every day to charge your phone, power your hair dryer and keep refrigerated food cold. If your family’s demand causes your circuit breaker to trip frequently, turn to B&L Electric to upgrade your electrical system. After discussing your needs, a qualified electrician will determine the best way to increase your power supply and prevent overloaded circuits.

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3 signs you should get new electrical outlets installed

Recently, you’ve noticed that your electrical outlets are looking worse for wear. But is it just a cosmetic issue, or do you need to replace them?

The dedicated crew at B&L Electric recommends upgrading an electrical outlet if:

  1. It’s cracked and discolored
  2. Plugs fall out of the outlet
  3. It’s ungrounded

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